We are advocates of preventative medicine

Wellness Programs

At Quinte Animal Hospital we are advocates of preventative medicine. We want your pet to enjoy as many healthy years with you as possible. Our wellness programs include physical examinations that are conducted annually for healthy adult dogs and cats, and every 6 months for healthy senior pets. Kittens, puppies, and animals with specific health concerns will need to be examined more frequently. Additionally, we have vaccination programs that can be specifically tailored to your pet’s needs, parasite screening and prevention, nutritional consultations, dental assessments and more!

In-House Laboratory Services

Our on-site lab allows us to run a wide variety of diagnostics and wellness screens. We are able to perform complete body chemistry profiles to screen your pet’s organ function, complete blood counts, urine evaluations, as well as pre-anesthetic testing for surgical & dental patients. We also use outside labs where necessary for special diagnostics.

Surgical Services

We perform many surgical procedures from spays, neuters and dentistry to mass removals, cherry eye repairs and more. We will provide your pet with a comfortable, caring and safe environment to ensure their procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Every surgical patient is provided with pain control and hands-on monitoring by our veterinary technicians to ensure they are stable & safe throughout their procedure & recovery. All surgical patients have a scheduled pre-surgical appointment to ensure that all your questions are answered and to perform pre-surgical bloodwork to ensure that it is safe for them to undergo surgery. Please call us at 613-392-8900 with any questions you may have or to book your pet’s surgical appointment.


Oral health is an extremely important part of your pet’s overall condition. We believe in maintaining clean, healthy smiles and preventing oral pain and disease for your pet. We provide dental cleanings, polishing, charting and extractions. We are excited to offer dental radiology as a means of determining the health of individual teeth as well as the jaw bone. We are also advocates of preventative home dental care. If you have any concerns about your pet’s dental health please call us to book a dental assessment, and we will discuss dentistry as well as create a plan for you to help your pet’s teeth stay clean and healthy right from your own home.

Radiology and Ultrasound

We offer on-site diagnostic radiology and ultrasound, which gives us a more complete picture of your pet’s health status and allows us to better diagnose their condition. We also work with a board certified radiologist who will come to our hospital and perform diagnostic ultrasounds.

Military Discount

At Quinte Animal Hospital we support and believe in our troops.
We are proud to call a military town our home and as such we are very excited to offer our military members a discount on our preventative services.
Call us or email today to enquire about it and receive more details.

Quinte Animal Hospital – Where Pets are Treated Like Family

At Quinte Animal Hospital we are advocates of preventative medicine.
We want your pet to enjoy as many healthy years with you as possible.

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