“…I could not imagine what life would be like for him without the acupuncture…”

10 year old husky – mix
with arthritis

“We have a 10 year old husky – mix boy dog, who has suffered with arthritis issues in the last few years. He and I have been seeing Dr. Olga Peck Callan every few months for the last two years, so that she can treat him with acupuncture. If you have an older pet who seems to be losing his/her mobility due to stiff joints perhaps you might consider trying a few acupuncture treatments to see if it may help your pet gain the mobility in his limbs.

I admit at first I may have been a slight bit skeptical, but was very hopeful that it would help our boy. After the first session there was a remarkable difference in his flexibility and energy level. He played with is dog-sisters in the backyard the next day, running around like a young pup.The difference was like night and day. It really is amazing the improvement the acupuncture makes in his life. When I notice that his hips and spine are stiffening, I take him in for a session and that improves his quality of life for a few more months. I could not imagine what life would be like for him without the acupuncture.”

Deb Neeve

Tobby was paralyzed, after 3 treatments he was walking again!

Tobby was paralyzed in his hind end…. After 2 acupuncture treatments, Tobby was able to stand. After 3 treatments Tobby was walking on his own!

Dr. Peck is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and we find it has great success!

The needle in his forehead is a relaxation point!

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